After formulation of Thal development Authority (TDA) in 1949, this was sought that due to dry weather of the locality , a forest range will be made alongwith thal Canal in the area of Kundian to its nearby areas. So Kundian forest was established. This forest is considered as big one forest, after Chhanga Manga forest in Pakistan.

After this became a full range forest, with a plenty of Wildlife and species of birds. According to a research made in different forests of Pakistan 56 species of birds, six mammals, one reptile and two amphibians were found in Kundian forest range, which is highest figure in the country forests , near figure is “50” of Chhanga Manga forests .

There were given contracts of cutting trees so this plantation was affected by extra cutting of trees. Then after a long period in February 2020, PM of Pakistan set this Forest to plant for Billion Tree Tsunami Campaign.

Kundian forest offices are in the forest colony .

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