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After Ghakkars and Mughals’ rule, as a part of Indian North Western Punjab locality ,Kundian remained a regular locality in the region. In 1919, when Rowlatt Act was passed and a virulent anti-government agitation started throughout the province, an act of agitation was also demonstrated by railway employees on the Kundian Railway station.

At the event first census of Pakistan in 1951 Kundian Pacca and Katcha were major constituencies. At that time Ferry service was available for different areas of the district. Kundian was declared as Urban locality in first census 1951 and its population was near to 15000. However Seelwan was not included in the urban area of Kundian whose population was near 3000 people. Kundian Rural have near 2300 population. Ding Khola including Khanqah Sirajia has population near 4400 people. Kundian locality including Katcha and Pacca , had population near 27000 people at that time.

There was only 5 km metalled road , a patch from Kundian to Harnoli . There was a big Post Office in Kundian which headed 10 sub offices including Alluwali, Wan Bnhachran. There was a subsidized Dispensary in Kundian near 1956 .There were two rest houses one Civil & other was irrigation rest house. Kundian is at about 200 metres Height above MSL.

According to 2017-Population Census Official Report population of Kundian is near 50,000. While Thana Kundian has total Population of more than 150,000. Khola (Including Khanqah Sirajia, Chashma Colonies etc.) is also regarded as Town committee (since Nov,2019) with population of more than 35,000. Kundian katcha is administered by theTehsil Council .

Kundian remained historic in the District as being a railway junction. This served in Northern Western State Railways of India from 1897. This was included in Kotri-Attock & Kundian- Haranpur Section. Then after this was linked to Kundian-Sangla Hill Section. There is a big locomotive shed of Pakistan in Kundian.


Annual average relative humidity (at Kundian) is about 66% and the precipitation is 322.5 mm (NESPAK, 1992), about 60-70% of which falls during the monsoon. Average temperature in Kundian is between 40-42 C.

(* Major reference documents used here are : Census of Pakistan 1951 Village List ( Mianwali District), Census of Pakistan 1961 (Disrrict Report -Mianwali), Indian Imperial Guzzettier, 1915).

Oldest map available to show Kundian- (1909)

High School Kundian :

Government High school Kundian come into being near 1958 when Headmaster of Government ( now Middle) School Kundian shehr Mr. Khuda Bakhsh (K.B.) Kundi succeeded in his long battle for a High school in Kundian town. He was pioneer of the High School.

Firstly a few rooms were constructed and shifting of furniture etc, from middle school was done gradually then at last Chacha Ahmad peon of middle school shifted Bell of Middle school to the newly constructed High School. Mr. K.B. Kundi was its first H.M. Middle school continued its functioning too. In 1986 this was upgraded to Higher secondary school but after construction of a Boys degree college its status was restored to High School.

Civil Rest House

Back when there were no motor vehicles and British coloniser officers travelled around India on horses, the dak bungalows and rest houses were built at a specific distance, typically 18 to 20 miles apart, where British officers could stop to take a break while travelling.

In Kundian such a Dak Bungalow was built, laterally this was known as Civil Rest House. This is regarded as one of the oldest and historic building of Kundian. The civil rest houses of British Regime had same design all over State. Same stair design, same room structure . Also servant houses are built there. Father of Late Khan Muhammad was the loyal servant and care taker of Kundian Dak Bungalow. He served the Govt. officers there. He travelled around the sub continent with those officers, time by time.

Dak Bangla

Kundian Rural :

Kundian Rural Including Ali wali, Ghandi , Langar Khelan wala, Himmat Shah, Maqsood Ali Wali etc. comprises of nearly 20,000 population. This is also known as Kundian Pacca. The office of Kundian Rural UC is located here in Ghandi. This area has Boys and Girls Middle sechools, Primary Schools , Basic Health Unit, Ghandi Graveyard is very old graveyard of the locality. A flood carrier channel is located in North of Ali Wali .

Maqsood Aliwali was the the centre of Ghakkar tribe till Mian Maqsood Ali (R.A.) (Grandson of Mian Sultan Zikria) came there and preached Islam. There were some wells in Himmat Shah locality, owned by Miana family which irrigated the land. Then after Chashma lake covered these wells.

Sumbal Hamid Railway station is located near Maqsood Ali Wali. The station was formed for specially stoppage of goods and then other trains, s Kundian Jn was a busy Jn and the distance between Mianwali and kundian was not much enough to manage for railways officials. This was firstly name as Ghandi, then Himmat Shah railway Station, then after efforts of Late Col. Attaullah Khan Sumbal this was named as Sumbal Hamid railway station. Sher Shah Suri Road known as Generally Road passes through Kundian Rural to the Mianwali District Headquarters.

(Manaqib-E-Sultani Edition-I)


Kundian_Pacca_Census 1951
Kundian_katcha_census 1951
Kundian_katcha2_census 1951
KUNDIAN PACCA – CENSUS 1961 (above.)

PSO Depot :

PSO administrated depot was formed in Kundian about in 1980.

Kundian depot has a capacity of 1,866 tonnes and can store HSD , MS and kerosene oil. The Railway junction of Kundian, Defence needs are major cause of setting this depot. When in 2008 there was oil cricis in Pakistan then this was sought that Kundian depot will be closed. Then after rising needs of oil in 2013-14 this started re functioning.

‘Housekeeping’ Competition was held among all PSO Facilities. in March 2017, Kundian Depot was top ranked in the Month of March 2017. Winning award and honor for Kundian……

This oil is supplied to petrol pumps etc. till Sargodha. So a plenty of Employment is available here.

Kundian is full of Resources !!!

Wapda Chashma:

Chashma is nearby site of Kundian, Chashma Barrage was constructed in 1967-1971. Chashma barrage colony, Sindhi ban, Wapda and Atomic Colonies are located in this area. Chashma Barrage is a main picnic point here, also Chashma lakes are best for fisheries and boating. PAEC college, Hospital and Club ,
Wapda Rest House and West Bank Irrigation Rest House and Banks are also famous places here.

Kundian Railway Station :


Kundian Railway station was formed when Marri Attock railway line was extended from Marri to Mianwali in 1895 then after it Kundian Jn. was constructed in 1897 , as this line was part of ,later called British North Western Railways’s Kotri – Attock section.

The reason to become a junction is probably the location of Kundian with respect to Salt range hills of Sakesar top as Kundian was almost in line with Quaidabad as compared to Mianwali . Thus Kundian was linked to Khushab, Hranpur which was a link of Sindh- Sagar Railway . At first there was no direct link of Kundian Jn. to Shahpur due to gap of Jehlum river. So people travel from Khushab to Haranpur and then from here to Shahpur. Then after completion of Shahpur bridge on river Jehlum, Kundian got direct railway link to Shahpur till Chenab Nagar (Rabwah). Then after completion of bridge on Chenab River kundian got direct link to Chiniot . (As during North Western British Railway regime, Railway line from Sangla Hill ended at Chiniot and there was a gap due to presence of Chenab river ),So Sangla Hill – Kundian Railway section began , which has direct linkage to Shahdara Bagh – Lahore jn.

Kundian to Kot-Addu-Multan main section was functioning in the same period but its gap section was completed during years 1969-73.

Kundian Jn — Mentioned in All Indian Gazzette
Kundian Jn. showed in Oldest available map of Briitish Railways- in 1909
Kundian Railway Station Platform

Canal Colony:

Canal colonies were formed in Punjab in 1890’s to early 1930’s. After the construction of Bhakkar canal and its Distributors -minors , specially of Head Pakka headwords , a canal colony was constructed in Kundian on West bank of Kundian Minor nallah on link along Mianwali Road. This colony comprises of irrigation office, canal rest house,and a primary school too. Survey benchmark is located to North of the colony. In past Kundian’s main geographical measurements were done with respect to this benchmark. Canal colony Rest House was considered in government official documents after 1950’s.

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